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Aixin microelectronics AIOSTAR OPS computer power to help Shengwei SSD shine Shenzhen International Embedded Systems Exhibition

  • Written by Aiostar
  • 2021-4-12


Aixin microelectronics AIOSTAR OPS computer power to help Shengwei SSD shine Shenzhen International Embedded Systems Exhibition

Aixin microelectronics AIOSTAR OPS computer power to help Shengwei SSD shine Shenzhen International Embedded Systems Exhibition

On December 20-22, 2018, a professional exhibition in the field of electronics and embedding in southern China will be held at the Shenzhen International Electronics Exhibition and the 7th Shenzhen International Embedded Systems Exhibition. With the mission of providing a combination of quality and innovation, Kintec presented a full range of embedded storage solutions and a variety of industrial storage solutions at the exhibition on the same day.



 With the theme " China, Smart Planet", " the exhibition area reached 30,000 square meters. From components to systems, new technologies and applications in the fields of AI artificial intelligence, smart home, Internet of Things, smart cars, industry intelligent systems, and new energy sources will be highlighted, in addition to core component integrated circuits, electronic components, sensors, wireless modules, power devices and power supplies, new electronic materials and processes, and the new Internet of Things pavilion and automotive / vehicle technology pavilion.


   Golden Shengwei KingSpec"as 11 years of domestic SSD industry leader brand, just as our first-class brand appeal, excellent product quality in the industry's influence, "King Shengwei KingSpec"atmosphericleading label, red classic packaging in the relevant industry channels have long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. With the continuous upgrading of product technology and the continuous improvement of comprehensive performance, the outer packaging of "KingSpec" productshas also made a corresponding new upgrade in due course.


Wisdom is in line, and the future is coming. The drive of the Internet of Things, so that no technology products can be left alone, which gives the digital signage industry a new lease of life. The voyeur is stupid, the innovator doesn't stop, and sticks to it. In order to build a professional OPS computer brand, in order to meet the practical needs of teaching, Aixin Microelectronics(AIOSTAR)in conjunction with Jin Shengwei to develop new technology applications, to meet the challenges of the digital era will bring.




    Aixin Microelectronics(AIOSTAR)is the most complete domestic OPS computer product line research and development, production, sales as one of the manufacturers, while providing OEM/ODM customized services, the main product line is:

OPS PC:Baytrail J1800/J1900/Baytrail-CR Z8350/GeminiLake J4105/N4100/HM76-2-3 Generation CPU/HM86-4 Generation CPU/Skylake-u-6-7 Generation CPU

OPS-C PC:HM76-2-3 Generation CPU/HM86-4 Generation CPU/H77-2-3 Generation CPU/H81-4 Generation CPU/H110-6-7 Generation CPU/H 110 plus unique GX730/960/1030/1050/1050TI 2-4GB/CoffeeLake H310-8-9 generation CPU/H310-plus Unique 1060M 6G graphics card

Custom OPS-C PC: OPS-C PC with DVD Drive Series / Slim 27MM Series OPS-C PC / OPS-C PC with Wireless Router Series / OPS-C PC with Acquisition Card Series / Series OPS-C computer with dual mesh port three-outlet

Android OPS PC:RK3188 Android OPS PC /RK3288 Android OPS PC/RK3399/RK3399PRO Android OPS PC Series

OPS Transfer Small Board: Support for 3USB-HDMI/Support for 6USB-HDMI/Support for 5USB-HDMI-RJ45 Gate / Support for 5USB-HDMI-VGA-RJ45 / for LVDS Point Screen / Support for Vbyone Point Screen



     Shenzhen Aixin Microelectronics Co., Ltd. launched with Vbyone,Lvds point screen program OPS transfer small board new products, mainly with Aixin microelectronics OPS computer products used in conference all-in-one, advertising machines, electronic desks, touch query all-in-one machine, education all-in-one and other related display equipment. Products in the new platform to continue Ai Xin micro has always been the style and concept of performance and needs to match the spirit.



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